STEM Fest Sandy, Utah

Wow, the Utah STEM Fest was a blast! Team RENi had the great pleasure meeting with over 5,000 students from the Greater Salt Lake Area! We want to give a shout out to Emma, Carson, John, Jennifer, Kelly, Jayden, Kyler, Ashtyn, Archimedes, Brooklyn, Noah, Ryker, Carlos, Brianna, Megan, James, JT, Brinlee, Jose, Carlie, Ashley, Riley, Stephanie, Charlotte, Jacob, Sarah, Nathan, Luke, Sophia, Chloe, Savannah, Andrew, Lucy, Elijah, Jasmine, Isabel, Caden, and the 300 other students that programmed the Dobot Magician to write their names! Team RENi is proud of all of these new robot programmers throughout the state of Utah!

It was truly amazing to see how much these students love robots. From experienced programmers (one student knew 5 programming languages!) to 3-4 year pre-kindergarteners, all were able to use and enjoy learning with the Dobot Magician. Many of them were able to program the Dobot Magician to write their name or a small phrase. The Dobot Magician did not let us down, after 17 hours of writing names over two days, and being handled by thousands of eager students, it was still going strong!

A few of the lucky students were also able to 3D print too! Pokémon kept creeping across the Dobot screen and little figures were printed in 3D for students to enjoy. On display, we had also had many 3D printed objects for teachers to view and enjoy.

Did you know that 3D printing can be beneficial for all learning disciplines? Astronomy classes can 3D print a scale version of the Solar System, Anatomy classes can study a 3D printed Heart, for Chemistry Classes a 3D printed Glucose and Sucrose and teach about their chemical structures, Biology students can 3D Cell with features including Endoplasmic Reticulum, and History classes can print the Presidential Figures on Mount Rushmore; all with a Dobot Magician!

Our Unit 1 Curriculum for 6th-8th grade and Unit 2 for 9th-12th grade was also on display. Unit 1 uses the Dobot Magician to teach about science subjects like Momentum with 3D printed cars, Proportions with Sun, Earth, Moon, and planet models drawn and 3D printed by the Dobot Magician. Unit 2 focuses on building a foundation for computer science by using Blockly (similar to Scratch) to program the Dobot Magician to draw shapes and perform industry simulated projects. After the curriculum, students can write programs with loops, variables, functions, and motion commands with ease and confidence! The best part is the curriculum was developed in conjunction with STEM educators and automation engineers. Skills learned here will directly correlated to actual work skills, some companies even train their engineers and technicians on the Dobot Magician before setting them loose on large industrial robots! Schools are jumping aboard the Dobot train, and we can’t be more excited! Students are ready, and the Dobot Magician and curriculum have made it easy to start. Many of your students just learned how to program a robot to write their name, what will they do next?