In the early Spring 2017 In-Position Technologies had the opportunity to attend the STEM Academy (K-8) Night of Code on the ASU Polytechnic Campus. Here you will see pictures of students exploring and discovering a real-world Dobot! Students as young as Kindergarten used the Joystick to manipulate Dobot, our Educational Robot, and move it on it’s 3 axes! A few of the students were celebrating their birthday, so they programmed their very own Birthday wish from the Dobot; Happy Birthday the Dobot wrote with its End of Arm pen! Junior High students were able to try their skills with Blockley, a programming language that Dobot reads when students code the robot. Besides coding; Dobot students can 3D print, pick and place objects with its gripper and suction cup arm, and even Laser print. The host teacher printed an ASU Logo, Go Devils!! At the Stem Prep Academy, students gain hands-on experience, which is helping to establish a strong STEM Education base in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In-Position enjoyed the evening, celebrating the partnership with teachers training students to be prepared for real world employment in the field of robotics!

Robotic Signatures, What’s next?

STEM Fest Sandy, Utah Wow, the Utah STEM Fest was a blast! Team RENi had the great pleasure meeting with over 5,000 students from the Greater Salt Lake Area! We want to give a shout out to Emma, Carson, John, Jennifer, Kelly, Jayden, Kyler, Ashtyn, Archimedes,...

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