Part 1

When the Dobot Magician landed in the lovely state of New York students were amazed and teachers gave a HUGE thumbs up! In a recent question and answer session with Chris Hurd, a National Master Teacher for Project Lead the Way, some secrets were revealed and new facts were discovered about using a robot when teaching high school students!! Team RENi caught up with him in the early fall, and this is what we found!!

Team RENi: Hi Chris! We have noticed your students are involved using Dobot in the classroom. Would you mind telling us how you involve students with the Dobot Magician?

Chris: Sure! The Magician uses real world technology to actually program the robot. The axes are set up correctly, and the Jump command is excellent! It is very easy to program, and mimics a lot of features in the real world while still being easy to use.

It is super accurate too! See the data here: How Accurate is the Dobot Magician?

Kids did the actual work to get all the data! This will allow students to do some really cool projects that we couldn’t do before because of the lack of accuracy.

Team RENi: Wow Chris! This is really exciting. By the pictures it looks like the students are really engaged! We look forward to hearing about the projects soon!

Why do you feel the Dobot Magician the way to teach them, what is so special about Dobot?

Chris: They seem to be much more durable than any others that we have seen on the market. I would easily pay the extra cost for this durability. It is so easy to program too, that I can get twice as many kids through an activity in half the time, so I don’t have to worry too much about the cost.

Team RENi: Yes! That’s great news and with the special offer on the website right now ( schools can save some money with their purchases, teachers get FREE curriculum, and rest easy that Dobots are reliable, durable, and fast!

We respect your opinion Chris since you are out on the “battle lines” per se, and have hands on experience with students using Dobot… What aspect of Dobot makes learning robotics or programming more dynamic in your perspective?

Chris: Great question Team! And easy answer! Simplicity. A lot of students are discouraged by programming and software. The “point and click” method of programming this robot, and the
ability to go in and “Touch Up” points afterwards by changing the X,Y,Z values is so simple, any student can do it.

The integration of programming movements and making the robot do it is awesome. No other robot that I have seen on the market can do this.

Team RENi: WOW! This is news makes us proud! Your students are so smart… watch out world of technology, this next generation of students are robotic programmers!

Hey, thanks for taking the time to share your findings Chris, and before we forget…A BIG HIGH FIVE TO THE STUDENTS WHO TOOK THE ROBOT CHALLENGE AND CONQUERED IT! We love the pictures, THANKS!!

Chris: Hey thanks Team RENi, the kids will be excited to see their faces on the website! I truly believe that this robot is the way to teach in a high school classroom.

Team RENi: Catch up with you all soon!

Chris: I really look forward to working with you Team!

** Be on the look-out next week, for Part 2!!

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