Lessons [Unit 1]

[Unit 1]

Introduction and Exploration – Using the writing end-effector, students will observe the incredible movements the Dobot arm can make that reflect a human arm.

Lesson 1 – Ratios and proportions are fun to learn when a Dobot is drawing shapes and students are learning about the relationships between the Earth, Moon and Sun!

Lesson 2 – What do gummy bears, waves and a Dobot have in common? They all help us learn about reflection, transmission and absorption of light!

Lesson 3 – 3D printing has just gone to a new level with a Demolition Derby: Physics style as students apply Newton’s 3rd Law to 3D printed cars.

Lesson 4 – Students will create a model that will demonstrate that magnetic fields exist between objects even though the objects are not in contact. The suction cup end-effector will be a key tool to help accomplish this task. MS-PS3-3

Lesson 5 – Using the laser engraver and engineering principles, students will precisely construct and design their passive solar house.

Meet our Robotic Educational Navigational interface, RENi! She will be our guide as we explore the world of science and technology with the Dobot Magician! Born on the Asian continent, our robotic friend takes her name from the Mandarin word “rén”, meaning “person” or “people”. She will be the bridge for people to learn about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through the lens of robotics. Travel with RENi as she brings her humorous nature into each lesson and prepares students to become scientists, mathematicians, engineers and more!