“Dobots are here. They are amazing. Starting from the Dobot Studio I couldn’t help but dive right in and explore all of the lessons and attachments. It felt like no time at all before I hand a good grasp (PUN!) of the key features and benefits of the arm. Like my other cartesian robots it has the potential to become a technician’s swiss army knife of production, and even more so with Dobot, the demonstrative exploration. The aptly named “Magician” is easy enough to use that I felt like by the time I built a large and strong version of the same type in a true industrial atmosphere, my mind was there while learning all of the basic lessons Dobot already provides.”

Dave, Citizen Scientific Workshop

Curriculum [Unit 1]

*Free with purchase of an Educational Magician

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Welcome to the Dobot Quiz 1

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What software does the Dobot use to 3D print?
How can you connect to the Dobot to communicate with it?
The Dobot can gray engrave, what is that?
The Dobot Magician has end-effectors that "do" different things at the end of the robotic arm. What is another name for these end-effectors?
Which of these materials can the laser engrave on?
You can upload a program to the Dobot and run it offline
How many end-effectors does the Dobot Magician have?

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