“Dobots are here. They are amazing. Starting from the Dobot Studio I couldn’t help but dive right in and explore all of the lessons and attachments. It felt like no time at all before I hand a good grasp (PUN!) of the key features and benefits of the arm. Like my other cartesian robots it has the potential to become a technician’s swiss army knife of production, and even more so with Dobot, the demonstrative exploration. The aptly named “Magician” is easy enough to use that I felt like by the time I built a large and strong version of the same type in a true industrial atmosphere, my mind was there while learning all of the basic lessons Dobot already provides.”

Dave, Citizen Scientific Workshop

Curriculum [Unit 1]

*Free with purchase of an Educational Magician

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Welcome to the Dobot Quiz 1

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What software does the Dobot use to 3D print?
How can you connect to the Dobot to communicate with it?
You can upload a program to the Dobot and run it offline
The Dobot can gray engrave, what is that?
Which of these materials can the laser engrave on?
How many end-effectors does the Dobot Magician have?
The Dobot Magician has end-effectors that "do" different things at the end of the robotic arm. What is another name for these end-effectors?

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